Privacy Policy

JSP Wood Products LLC handles all your personal information completely confidentially.

We will never share any of our customers’ information with any other parties. We only keep customer contact information in the interest of further communication.

We will never sell, give, or otherwise allow your email address/personal information to a 3rd party for marketing purposes. Nor do not store your credit card details in our database or on our servers, as all payments are processed by either Paypal, Square, or Shopify Payments. All of these payment processors never pass on credit card details to anyone, with the exception of credit card clearing agencies, fraud prevention, and detection agencies, if need be.

 Any issues you encounter regarding the performance or security aspects of our site/company, be sure to reach out via our contact page. We take any issues that our customers have very seriously; we will do all that we can to be sure you are completely taken care of.