About Us

Our mission at JSP Wood Products is to imagine and create the finest handmade wood furniture in the world!
We want the products with our name on them to be physical pieces in your home that enable you to bring nature into your living space. 
Our freedom of voice has been a blessing, and we look to make a difference for some of our fellow humans who have no voice. Thus we donate 50% of all net profits to the End It Movement.
The End It Movement is a coalition of organizations who are fighting to End Sex Trafficking and Slavery.
End It is each of us standing for justice until the number of children, women, and men suffering in silence moves from 40 million, to Zero.
Founded in 2017, we are incredibly unsatisfied to be passive in our work. We believe that each human has immense talent, and we look to use our gift for woodworking to aid society by contributing toward Ending Sex Trafficking and Slavery, (by creating environmentally friendly - functional home decor).
 We believe that each human life is inexplicably valuable, (and should be thus fought for), all are created equal, (each a part of the human race), and we support fair trade globally! 
You matter, (peruse our Privacy Policy), and we want to hear from you! Reach out via the contact page, we'd love to chat!